Be The One

Australia's cheekiest charmers travel the world and take on challenges

Adelaide, SA


Whether they’re travelling the world with no phones or money; sneaking into fancy hotel pools or snagging a free ride in a private jet… the boys are constantly chasing their dreams and inspiring other young Aussies to do the same.

A little bit about the boys as individuals:
Patto: The brains of the whole operation. Patto is wicked smart and is the dad of the group, keeping the other boys in line.
Aussie: The oldest, social, popular one who loves the camera and who the camera loves back.
Trips: The youngest, fan favourite, funny one of the group. His humour shines through in the videos and keeps everything light when filming.
Youngy: The athlete, sporty one of the group, who will say it how it is. A mix of all the boys.

Be The One’s social super power is the same as their IRL one… their charm. Once you start watching their content, you’ll be hooked in by their fun-loving, ever-engaging energy. A brand aligned with these boys is a brand aligned with fun, adventure, and life without taking things too seriously.


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