Bettina Banks

Female empowerment, self-love and healing mindset, Life Coach

Sydney, NSW


Where goals, work and visions are concerned, Bettina’s mission is to help women heal, create empowerment from their past, inspire their mindset & thrive in their Higher Self. Most importantly, their self care habits, rituals and routine so they can authentically express themselves through a balanced lifestyle. Why? Because in life Bettina knows that we perform better when we trust and love all parts of ourselves.

Outside of her mission to help others, Bettina’s passions span exploring markets, nature adventuring, road trips, tiny homes, dining out, charity events, networking events, travelling, beauty care, massages and self care. She also still LOVES to cook… MKR-Betty is still core to who she is.

Bettina’s days are spent supporting and empowering women, creating content to spread her message, spending time with Mumma Banks and walking Bruce, her English Blue Staffie.

Betty’s social superpower is finding trending sounds and using them to spread her important message wider. A brand aligned with Betty is a brand aligned with wholistic wellness, self-care and empowerment, and female power.


Coaching & Mindset Lifestyle & Everyday Wellness


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