Carolina McCauley

Social medias ‘Home Hacks Queen’, cleaning guru and mother

Perth, WA


Originally from Brazil, Carolina packed up her life and took a chance on Australia. Here she met hubby and built her proudest life-achievement: raising her family. Alongside (and somewhat related to) motherhood, is her second biggest passion – organisation.

Carolina is one of Australia’s most notable home-hack queens. With the motivation of making her family life easier, she has developed tips and tricks for keeping a clean and efficient home on a budget. Sharing these hacks with the world has garnered her millions of engaged followers across Instagram and TikTok; anxiously awaiting her next recommendation or piece of advice.

Carolina’s social superpower is out-of-the-box-thinking when it comes to home or lifestyle content concepts. A brand aligned with Carolina, is a brand aligned with the products you NEED to make your life easier.


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