Gabbi Dei

Homebody, Routine-lover, coffee-enthusiast, UGC Creator

Brisbane, QLD


A day in the life begins with early morning reformer pilates, followed by the non-negotiable cold brew creation. Taking advantage of the twinkly morning light, Gabbi spends the first half of the day filming her beautifully satisfying content. The afternoon is dedicated to editing with the evenings reserved for offline quality time with fiance, Tom.

Gabbi shares every millenial’s dream life routine… but does so with genuine integrity. Her goal is to relax, motivate and inspire her viewers and the routines she shares are those she genuinely lives and loves. Gabbi is currently in the throws of exciting change; not only did she just leave her full time job to focus more on her own content creation, but she’s also working on a secret ecommerce business alongside. Gabbi and Tom just got engaged and are beginning to look at finding their first furry addition to the family. Meanwhile, Gabbi still finds time to meet with friends weekly; explore new parts of her hometown; create delicious food; keep her apartment clean and cosy and to explore new hobbies.

Gabbi’s social superpower is creating content that takes the digital world by storm. She is exceptional at integrating a brand/product within a trending, realistic and beautiful digital setting. A brand aligned with Gabbi is a brand aligned with routine goals, balance and wellness and the ultimate millennial lifestyle.


Health & Fitness Lifestyle & Everyday Wellness


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