Jade Compston

All-round UGC creator, DIY-enthusiast, fun-loving mum.

Ballarat, VIC


Mum of 2 kids, 2 pups and 2 horses, outside of her DIY and social media career, Jade spends as much quality time with her family as possible – whether that’s various children’s activities, trips to the zoo, craft projects or visiting their family beach house, these are Jade’s happiest moments.

Jade’s goal with her various social media pages is to bring joy and inspire her audience to explore their own creativity. Never taking things too seriously, and being super down-to-earth has lead Jade to empowering a wide-spread, highly engaged following to tackle DIY themselves.
A passionate video creator, Jade’s niche extends way beyond DIY outside of her own channels, as she partners as a CGC creator for brands from various avenues.

Jade’s social super power is ensuring audiences can really relate to the content she produces, it’s anything but intimidating and shines with fun. A brand aligned with Jade is a brand aligned with versatility – multiple social channels, video formats and niches.


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