Lauren Dubois

Author, mother, comedian, lifestyle and content creator

Canberra, ACT


Author, mother and comedy gold, Lauren, lives a family life we can all relate to – complete with the good, the bad and the ugly. When it comes to sharing this life online, Lauren has curated an honest and unmistakable style placing her as a truly unique creator in the Australian influencer landscape. As such, Lauren has developed an incredibly connected audience, with her TikTok engagement sitting at a huge 124%.

Lauren is the queen of character development – her background in writing has fed into the immense creativity of her social content. She frequently produces storylines, characters and skits that take the internet by storm. Lauren’s social superpower is creating unique content that gets shared, shared and shared again. A brand aligned with Lauren is a brand aligned with relatable humour, family truths and powerful content.


Beauty Comedy & Entertainment Lifestyle & Everyday Parents & Family


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