Liam Swiderski

Gen-Z animal lover, usually found scratching a cows chin or swimming with ducklings

Adelaide, SA


Liam hopes his degree will one day allow him to travel the world, further exploring his love for the great outdoors, and one day opening his own winery as a spot for friends and family to visit and enjoy.

The epitome of an animal-lover, Liam is also hugely passionate abound travel, music and fashion. When he’s not scratching a cow’s chin, swimming with ducklings, studying or working on the farm, Liam is seeing friends at the beach for a surf or joining them at a music festival.

Capturing his idyllic lifestyle on film, along with his charismatic charms online (plus the ADORABLE animal co-stars in his content) have grown Liam a sizeable social audience.

Liam’s social superpower is creating charming, wholesome content that the internet goes wild for. A brand aligned with Liam is a brand aligned with wholesome cuteness, Gen-Z passions & beliefs and true Aussie vibes.


Adventure & Travel Fashion Gen-Z


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