Logan Wein

Vlogging his move from the US to Aus and getting to know his new home

Sydney, NSW


Logan’s personality is calling out to be followed online and it was his sister and bestie, Megan, who encouraged him to begin documenting his journey to another country and new life. Outside of his full-time job, Logan loves to create vlog-style or chatty videos discussing all things dating, lifestyle, fitness, food and travel.
If you haven’t yet seen it on his vlog’s, Logan’s day-to-day looks like a morning workout before hurrying home, to get ready for work. On the way into the office, iced vanilla latte in hand, he peeks at socials and emails while jamming to his favorite sad boy songs. Logan’s work day concludes around 5:30 and he likes to take a dip in the Sydney Harbour or various beaches across the city. Weekends are spent with bestie-boos, Luke & Joe, exploring this beautiful country he now calls home.

A brand aligned with Logan is a brand aligned with bravery, light-hearted fun and adventure. Logan’s social superpower is staying authentic and open with his fast-growing audience.


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